Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trial ‘mosaic-style’ brooch

I started making a trial ‘mosaic-style’ brooch, by pressing some of the baked tiles into a base of unbaked polymer clay. They did not press in as far as I thought they would, as the base clay was quite firm. Perhaps I should try making the mosaic tiles thinner, so they do not stick out as much, if I want to put a final coat of MagicGlos on them.

This is just the face of the brooch. When I come to do the back, I want to try concealing the brooch pin bar, under the backing layer of pc - I have seen some examples on the internet and it looks so neat. There will be no worry about the brooch pin coming unstuck, using this method. I guess it is not as easy as it looks but will give it a try. I need to order some stronger brooch pins for this.

I am also debating about whether to sign my brooches on the back by inscribing my signature in the clay or whether to have a stamp made with my insignia (I could use the artwork I prepared many years ago, for my mirror designs, which has my initials CF in a round cornered rectangle).

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