23 March 2020

COVID-19 puts a halt on my creativity

What a day! After a sleepless night, with all the uncertainty about the impending control measures, got up at 5:00 am to drive from Whangamata back to Auckland. Thought it was was going to be a normal Monday at work but was only there for 2.5 hours when we made the decision to pack as much as we could in the car and drive back down to our house in Whangamata. This is where we need to be for the Lockdown and to be able to work from home.

Unfortunately, there was no time to pack the mosaic picture I was currently working on (spread all over my work table) or any of my polymer clay, tools and equipment. We had to give priority to food, kitchen equipment/utensils, clothes and toiletries.

Post Script: We have just gone in to May now and I am really missing not being able to use my polymer clay, instead I am having to concentrate on decorating the house, with the supplies that we already have. This is creativity of a different sort, which is fine and needs to be done, but most of the jobs are not quite finished because there is something that is needed that we cannot buy at present. So many artists seem to be making the most of the extra time at home during Lockdown, I feel I am missing out on an opportunity. It is really frustrating being separated from your creative materials and equipment but we should be re-united in less than 6 weeks now (the tenancy on the Auckland apartment we were renting expires on 17 June, so we will have to go back before then to remove the rest of our belongings).

15 March 2020

My new 'studio' is taking shape

Over the last 6 weeks, at the weekends, I have been working on creating my new 'studio' space at the end of the our garage. I have
- painted the ceiling walls and woodwork
- put screen blinds up over the back door and window
- laid vinyl plank flooring
- assembled two units with cupboards/drawers
- cut and fixed the bench top in place

All I need to do now is to find a comfortable stool (although I often end up standing when I work) and bring all my tools, equipment, etc. down from Auckland and find a home for it all in my new set up. Then I can get back to creating properly - can't wait!

03 March 2020

Frangipani - my first (and last) dot painting

It became quite clear during January that my proposed creative plan for 2020 was going to change. It took a lot of motivation for me to complete my first (and last) dot painting. It really did not give give me the same creative satisfaction as doing my polymer clay mosaic art. It might have been quicker but was messy (I kept smudging the paint) and I did not have enough control to place the dots as close together as I would have liked.

Acrylic dot painting measuring 30cm x 25cm (12" x 10")

When I look at this finished dot painting, I can imagine how much better it would look if I had done it as a polymer dot mosaic. In fact all the time I was painting the dots, I was re-thinking how I could do my dot mosaics with polymer clay, and have thought of a slightly different method that might be quicker. I have decided to try it out, using the the same picture design, as an exercise. It will ease me back into creating polymer dot mosaics, which I have so missed doing, and when done should show that I am much better suited to the mosaics than dot painting.