28 November 2021

Art in the Park - Sunday 5 December 2021

Really looking forward to taking part in this, as so many other events have been cancelled this year, due to Covid 19. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan, and the weather is kind to us.


26 November 2021

"She loved yellow flowers"

Today, it is a year since my mother passed, so I thought it fitting to present the mosaic that I did in remembrance of her. It was the first piece of mosaic art created in my studio since I became a full-time artist back in July of this year. 

It is titled “She loved yellow flowers” because when my husband met my mother for the first time, he gave her a bouquet of yellow flowers. I remember my mother saying that yellow flowers were her favourite. Now, whenever I look at this mosaic or any other yellow flowers, it always makes me think fondly of her.


01 November 2021

Figuring out the way forward

Since leaving my job at the end of June, I have spent the last four months considering, researching and trial designing many different and varied creative ideas.

For various reasons, either in terms of design/manufacture or selling (all major markets in the region have closed down due to Covid 19 restrictions), I am no further forward. I have even considered changing medium but I keep coming back to polymer clay mosaics. I think this is because it is where my enjoyment, satisfaction and skill lies. So, now I am finally settled on my way forward, I will try and develop my mosaics to be more profitable.

In the New Year, I will re-brand my website, simply as Claire Fairweather – Mosaic Art and Design. I will create the ‘mosaic art’ that I so love to do, and the ‘design’ allows me the freedom to include other designed items, whether they include mosaic or not.