Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idea for covering real pebbles

This weekend I plan to try encasing a pebble in marbled polymer clay. I acquired some nice smooth, white pebbles last year (which always feel good to hold in your hand) but have no use for them. Rather than create a complete artificial pebble from pc, I would like to cover the real ones, so that you still get that ‘weighty’ feel in your hand. It would be nice if these pebbles had inspirational words on them.

I am now thinking that if this works, it would be a good thing to do with my trimmings, rather than making tiles, otherwise I could end up with hundreds or even thousands of random tiles. I could then sell these ‘inspirational’ polymer clay pebbles, as a low cost item, on my stand at craft fairs.


  1. good idea, let us know how it goes

  2. The pebbles turned out quite well - I just need to take a photo to add to this blog.