Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amused Creations

Today I discovered Gera Scott Chandler’s blog, which I am busily working my way through, reading every post. I absolutely love her work, especially the brightly coloured pieces, because they so remind me of Friendly Plastic. Gera's 'crackle' technique is fantastic - I have not seen this with polymer clay before. Maybe it is possible to create pieces from polymer clay that look like they have been made from Friendly Plastic (refer to previous post on Sunday March 14, 2010 'Polymer Clay vs Friendly Plastic for brooch designs') - that would be the best of both worlds.


  1. Hi Claire- thanks for the shout out! I'm loving what you're doing with polymer clay!! You have a lovely style that was working with friendly plastic but I think you're going to break loose with polymer clay!!

    gera in Canada

  2. Thanks Gera, for the encouragement and for such an inspiring blog. I have alot to learn but will enjoy every minute of it.