27 September 2014

Fingers crossed for Heritage Day craft stall - EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

The weather forecast is not looking good for this event, next Saturday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will improve but a decision will be made on Friday and it will be cancelled if the weather is too bad.

08 September 2014

A new idea - dot mosaics

I have been thinking for the last week or so about creating mosaics with round tiles of different sizes, which I would make from polymer clay. After all, my original reason for turning to polymer clay was so I could make my own mosaic tiles. Yesterday I discovered the ‘Percolator App’, which turns your photos into bubble mosaics. It is not a new app, as it came out several years ago, but it is a new discovery for me. It is fascinating, the way it makes beautiful mosaic designs with circles, I am sure I could use it as the basis for creating actual mosaics.
As the Percolator App only runs on Apple products, I have had to borrow my husband’s iPad, for my first experiment. The photo I used is of a cheap canvas print we had in our bedroom for a while; it has now been replaced with something else and the canvas has been sitting in my studio for a while. I thought I would use it as the base and create a polymer clay mosaic to go over it. Luckily I had not got round to it, as it is quite large measuring 70 cm x 50 cm (27.5 inches x 20 inches), so now it is perfect for my first trial for a large scale ‘dot’ mosaic.
Photo of flower print on canvas
My first go using the Percolator App
It may be a long time before I post the finished real mosaic; I may practice doing a couple of small scale ones first but I am really excited about this new idea.