Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Review of March 2010

Despite only having the weekends for creative time, I have been busy this month, learning to work with my new chosen medium, polymer clay. It is quite different from the Friendly Plastic, which I was working with previously. You will see by the number of posts this month that I have been trying out lots of different techniques. I have thoroughly enjoyed all this experimenting and during April, I intend to start creating my first proper pieces. In the next few weeks, I hope to make some small decorative photo frames, with polymer clay ‘mosaic’ tiles, and also to decorate a larger, circular mirror frame.

Over Easter, I need to read the instruction manual for my camera. The other day, by accident, I discovered it has a facility for close up shots that I did not know about – hopefully, I will be able to take some better photographs of my pieces, which I have been finding quite difficult because they are so small.

This month I have also read the following three books, which I bought as an introduction to working with polymer clay and particularly for making mosaic tiles:

Book Details

Book details

Book details

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