31 January 2013

30 January 2013

Lake House Tutors Evening

Tonight was the 'Meet the Tutors' evening at the Lake House. It was a great opportunity for me to meet the other tutors there and hopefully some potential new students for my workshops.

28 January 2013

CLIPT at Mission Bay - 'Kiwiana' clips launched

The weather was perfect for the Auckland Anniversary Art and Craft Market at Mission Bay. There were lots visitors and some very positive feed back on my fashion clips. Several people commented on the display of sketches, saying they illustrated well the different ways to wear and use the clips and that they were easy to understand.

Below are some of my first 'Kiwiana' clips I took to the market. The rubber stamps I had made from my designs have been impressed into black polymer clay and then coated with mica powders.

Koru, Pohutukawa, Kiwi & Fern designs

27 January 2013

Devonport Craft Market - Sunday 3 February 2013

Next Sunday, 3 February, I will be trying the Devonport Craft Market for the first time, with  a selection of my Fashion Clips.

It is held on the first Sunday of the month at 32 Clarence Street, Devonport from 10am - 3pm.

12 January 2013

Don't miss ...

Monday 28 Janaury 2013 for 10am - 4pm
on the Selwyn Reserve, Mission Bay

04 January 2013

A new prop for CLIPT in 2013

This has been a little project I started at the end of last year, which will form part of my new display for CLIPT in 2013. It started life as a white polystyrene wig stand. I covered it with several layers of papier mache, then used acrylic modelling paste to create the textured surface and painted it with black acrylic paint. It will be used as a prop for hats and scarves, to display the fashion clips in use.
I have also purchased a digital photo frame, so I can show the 'How to Wear' CLIPT slideshow at venues where there will be an electricity supply. I am particularly thinking for the Dunkleys Craft Show I plan to do this year, when it comes to the North Shore in October.

01 January 2013

Special project for 2013

As 2013 is a signifcant year for me (I will be 50 in April), I wanted to have a special project to mark this milestone.
My original idea for this project was to do it with brooches but now that I am currently creating fashion clips, it will be 50 Clips for 50 Years. The idea is to create 50 clips (that is roughly one a week throughout the year) showing examples of different techniques for the surface decoration of polymer clay.
After photographing the clips and writing a short explanatory decription for each one, I hope to publish the project as a small book. In addition to using it as a teaching aid for my polymer clay workshops, the book can also be used for the promotion of CLIPT.
The hardest thing will be limiting myself to 50 clips, to try and show the whole range of techniques that can be used with polymer clay.