Monday, March 1, 2010

New Month, New Medium

It is the beginning of a new month and I am all fired up to embrace a new medium for creating my Art-Brooch designs – POLYMER CLAY. Colin (my husband) says I should have an affirmation and that if you write it out fifteen times every day it will come true. I think mine will be ‘I will find creative success with polymer clay’.

Many years ago, I did try Fimo polymer clay, but had problems getting the baking right, so never really pursued it and therefore I am a little hesitant. After some internet research, I have decided to use the Premo Sculpey brand, and start from scratch with an open mind. I am thinking positively because I am so inspired by the possibilities of this medium. A lot of people use it, so it cannot be that hard, and I have mastered most crafts that I have set my mind to.

Again I am frustrated at the lack of available materials, tools and expertise here in New Zealand. I ordered 10 blocks of Premo from ZagZag, in Christchurch (NZ) which arrived very promptly last week. I could not resist having a little play this weekend, without any proper tools or instruction. I am really pleased with my first attempts at marbling and rolling metal leaf into the surface of the clay. The photo shows a selection of my first experimental mosaic tiles - I absolutely loved every creative minute of making these.

I hope to be able to spend more time creating tiles next weekend but I really need the pasta machine and other tools I have ordered from America (cheaper than buying from NZ) to arrive. I hope this delivery comes soon – I even paid for priority mailing, I am that excited to get started. I cannot believe that as I am actually writing this, the order arrives! It is only Monday and now I will have to wait until the weekend to try everything out.

This is going to be a really exciting month.

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