07 August 2022

The Mid Winter Mingle (Arts Collective Whangamata)

Scrumptious canapes, good music and of course the ART! This turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon. (The bottom two photos show my entries 'The End Of An Era' and 'Dream Lamp').

29 July 2022

Article in the Hauraki Coromandel Post 28.07.2022

Just seen this article in the local paper - was flattered that one of my sand paintings (bottom right photo) was used in the images from last years Mid Winter Mingle.

28 July 2022

The 'Mid Winter Mingle' by the Arts Collective Whangamata

Really looking forward to this years Mid Winter Mingle, on Sunday 7 August. I will have two pieces on display, and for sale, at this event.

26 July 2022

The End Of An Era

The End Of An Era
40cm (16 inches) diameter

This piece was created with the last of my handmade round mosaic tiles, marking the end of my phase of dot mosaic art.

14 June 2022

Two new pieces: Dream Lamp and Contemplation #2

Here are the latest two pieces I have been working on

Dream Lamp - shown in different lighting situations
15cm (6 inches) diameter

Contemplation #2
20cm (8 inches) diameter
extruded polymer

09 April 2022

Two Sales in One Day

Today turned out to be a great day, I sold two mosaic pictures. My ‘Poppy’ mosaic that was part of the ANZAC display in the Whangamata Information Centre and ‘Aroha Nui’ (with after glow) from the Whangamata Club. I'm feeling elated 😊


Aroha Nui

21 March 2022

Orb Sculptures - slideshow

I put together this slideshow of orb sculptures created over the last ten years

06 February 2022

2022 Big Arts Day Out/Harcourts Challenge - photos

Really pleased with how this weekend turned out. Here are some photos.

My stand in the Big Arts Day Out hall

My two entries for the Harcourts Challenge - this years theme: Looking Back, Looking Forward

04 February 2022

Whangamata News 04.02.2022

 After waiting nervously over the last few weeks, so pleased this event is still going ahead. Can't wait!

24 January 2022

A-Z & more - name claimed 24.01.2022

Having just found out that a big arts event over the Easter weekend has been cancelled due to Covid (Omicron) restrictions, I am thinking more and more about selling online. As an addition to my mosaics, which I still feel need to be seen in the flesh to appreciate, I have been thinking about making decorative letters, words and signs. I was going to try these out under the name WhangaCraft, at the local Sunday market in Whangamata (this small outdoor market is still likely to go ahead, as there would be less than 100 people there at any one time). 

However, for selling online, WhangaCraft does not convey what the product is, which is why I am now thinking of using the name 'A-Z & more'. The '& more' gives me the option to include anything else I fancy making along with the main idea of letters, words and signs.