31 July 2012

Polymer clay artwork sold on opening day

I attended the opening night of the Great Art Sale at the Lake House, Takapuna and was thrilled to discover that my polymer clay tile artwork "Our Future" had been sold earlier in the day.

The exhibition runs until 19 August.

27 July 2012

Art Sale at the Lake House Arts Centre

I will have three pieces in this forthcoming exhibition. They are not new artworks but need to move on, to make room for new pieces, especially now that I know we are going to be moving apartments.

25 July 2012

Moving next door

Today we have signed to take the apartment next door. Why move you may say? Well, it is bigger with a better layout and an extra little room that I can have as a dedicated 'studio'. I can't wait - we will be moving over the weekend of 18/19 August. Although it is literally only next door, it is still a bit of an upheaval and will mean postponing some of my workshop promotions until we are settled. However, it will be so much better in the long run. 

04 July 2012

Change to the remaining 2012 Workshop Schedule

To accommodate some other projects I am currently working on, I have made some slight adjustments to the dates for the remaining schedule of polymer clay workshops for this year. I have also changed the scope slightly, to cater for a wider range of interests. Please see the ‘WORKSHOPS’ tab at the top of this page for the latest information.