31 July 2009

A Review of July 2009

After the thrill of winning the random selection prize in the Design Challenge, I have now got down to working on some designs for things to make with FP, apart from jewellery. I have made some different shaped 'tile' pieces to put together to make a small 'mosaic-style' design. I have several small MDF block canvases and have worked out a couple of different mosaic-style designs for these. I am also thinking about decorating the large round mirror frame that I have.

I still need some more materials and equipment but am working on this. I have now got a monthly 'pocket money' allowance, which means that I can at last start ordering what I need. Getting things here in New Zealand is proving to be the main problem - virtually everything has to be imported - so it all takes time (and extra cost!). Not good for an impatient person!

I have lots of ideas, which is good. I am just having to work on designs/ideas at the moment, until the materials arrive. The only thing I have not sourced yet is Envirotex Lite, to seal my finished pieces.

17 July 2009

'Random Draw' Win in the Marbling Magic Design Challenge

I found out this evening that I have won the 'random draw' prize in the Marbling Magic Design Challenge. I am really delighted, as this was my hope when I entered the competition - I did not expect to win the 'voters choice', as my designs were very simple with the limited resources that I currently have. I received an email from Jana Ewy, asking what my favourite colours of FP are - so she can make my prize to suit. I am intrigued to see what arrives in the post and am also full of inspiration to get creating. I am taking this win as a sign that FP is my destiny.

12 July 2009

Two more NZ inspired paintings

These two paintings, titled 'New Zealand Landscape' and 'Pampas' are to hang in our apartment, for the time being. The landscape one was inspired from a photograph in the flight magazine, on our journey out here. (Note: Due to photographing indoors with poor light conditions, the colours in these photos are very intense, particularly the sand which looks very yellow, when it is actually much paler).

First atempt at the hot water technique

This afternoon I finally finshed my last painting, which now means I can concentrate all my spare time on working with Friendly Plastic. I had a quick go at softening FP in hot water. After all the set up of filling my electric frying pan with water and using a thermometer to get it to the right temperature (60-70 degrees Centigrade), my first attempts did not work that well when trying to fuse strips together. I then tried softening some plastic to manipulate three dimensionally - that did not work well at all. It seemed a lot easier to fill a cup with near boiling water and just dip the item in quickly, guessing when it was ready. I obviously need to spend more time working on this technique.

The results of the Marbling Magic Design Challenge should be decided and posted in a few days time.