29 November 2010

Out of action for two weeks

Today I have started a full-time contract for two weeks, so I will not have any time for creating.

26 November 2010

The HANGA at Craftworld

This photo shows the mini display I have made for Craftworld. I took it there today and it looks good in the display cabinet. I will be interested to see how things go in the next few weeks before Christmas.

24 November 2010

New 'splodge' technique

Here is a HANGA I have made with a new surface decoration technique. Tiny pieces of different coloured clay are placed randomly on a sheet of pearl clay and then it is rolled through the pasta machine several times. I love the abstract, painterly 'splodges' of colour.

This one has been made by cutting narrow strips from some clay, created as described above, after running it through the pasta machine several times. The strips were randomly placed on a sheet of pearl clay and then rolled through the pasta machine to create a flush surface. These light colours feel good for Summer (here in New Zealand), so I shall have fun making some more.

20 November 2010

Browns Bay (November) Craft Show

This craftshow has been my best yet. The HANGAs are selling well and I will be extra busy next week making more to replenish my stock, as well as those that I am proposing to take to Craftworld

11 November 2010

Investigating Craftworld

Today I went to Craftworld (www.craftworld.co.nz) at Westgate Shopping Centre, where I met with the Managing Director, Carl Dysthe. Carl approached me, after seeing my stall at Coatesville Market, with a proposition for getting some of my work in the store. He showed me the display cabinet he had mentioned, where I could set up a small display, as a trial, before committing to a rental booth.

I am keen to try this as a different selling venue for my HANGAs and feel the best time to do it is now, to catch the run up to Christmas. I made a commitment to go ahead with this and put a display in place before the end of the month - this means I am going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks!

07 November 2010

The HANGA at Coatesville

The HANGA made its first appearance at Coatesville Market today, and again was very successful. My stock is now quite low so I will have to get busy making more for the forecoming events I have planned before Christmas.