01 June 2024

GLOW CREATIONZ Online Shop - official launch

My online shop has been set up through FELT (New Zealand's online marketplace for handmade goods) and I am now ready for the 'official launch'. 

Check it out at www.glowcreationz.felt.co.nz

28 May 2024

3 Days to go until the Official Launch of GLOW CREATIONZ

GLOW CREATIONZ has kept me busy for the last few months. The slide show below shows the current range of products I have been working on.

28 March 2024

Easter Arts Trail - Sat 30 & Sun 31 March 2024

Hoping for good weather over the Easter weekend for this event, organised by the Arts Collective Whangamata

I will be at Location 1. 306 Hetherington Road, with a range of paintings, mosaics, sculptures, one of a kind pieces and Swirl-StoNZ.

25 February 2024


I have been working on some glow in the dark designs and today started designing a business card and other promotional material. To my dismay, I discovered that 'Glow Designz' is a website and marketing company in America (I was so sure this name was not in use when I checked a few months ago) so I have been searching for an alternative. I really wanted to have 'Glow' in the name, as it is a succinct description of what my products will do, and 'nz' at the end because all my products will be made (by me) in New Zealand. There are so many different businesses with names containing Glo/Glow but my Google search could find no reference to 'Glow Creationz', therefore, I will now be moving forward under the name GLOW CREATIONZ.

01 February 2024

GLOW DESIGNZ by Claire Fairweather

A New Year, a New Month, and a New Project to start work on: GLOW DESIGNZ.

I am excited to start developing a range of Glow In the Dark (GITD) products, which I will try selling primarily online. My initial idea was to make GITD Christmas tree decorations. It is a bit early in the year to start marketing these, so I will try some 'stars' for Matariki. I will also make some 'Glow-Tags' for emergency kits/camping gear and novelty ones for children's school bags.

I have many other ideas but will see if I have any success with the online sales before expanding my range of items.

27 January 2024

My stand at BADO 2024

Here is my stand, set up for the Whangamata Arts Collective's 'Big Arts Day Out' event held over the weekend (27 & 28 January 2024).

20 January 2024

Harcourts Challenge & BADO 2024

I have finished my entry for this years Harcourts Challenge. I chose Air (from the four elements Fire, Earth, Water and Air); it is a 3D piece titled "Her scent lingered in the midnight air" (see photo below)

On the Saturday and Sunday (27 & 28 January) I will have a stand at the Big Arts Day Out, where I will be selling some of my dot painted artwork, other one of a kind pieces, and Swirl-StoNZ. I will also be working/demonstrating how I make the Swirl-StoNZ throughout the weekend.

"Her scent lingered in the midnight air"