12 July 2013

The difference a mirror makes

I have made a mirror frame from mosaic strips of polymer clay. Some of the strips are plain coloured pieces and others show various surface techniques. I took a photograph before the mirror glass was put in the frame as, I know from past experience, it is often hard to photograph mirrors. See what a difference the mirror makes, in the two photos below.

The mirror frame without the mirror glass

and with the mirror glass in place

05 July 2013

The Great Art Sale 2013

I will be putting a couple of pieces in this sale, at the Lake House Arts Centre, but it is difficult deciding which, as I want to keep a lot of my work for the Dunkleys Craft Show in October.

Post Script @ Friday 12 July 2013: At the end of the first hand in day (Friday), the Art Sale is full, so the two pieces I was planning to take on Saturday will not now be in it. So here are photos, the first piece "With all my love" has not been seen before, as it was made specifically for this event.

"With all my love"

"Coffee Time"

02 July 2013

"With all my love" - work in progress

This is a piece I am currently working on. I have covered a heart-shaped wall hanging ornament with strips of polymer clay showing different surface techniques (skinner blend, marbled, retro cane and rolled metal leaf). I then plan to add a tied ribbon, made from polymer clay, with the wording "With all my love" on it. I will post a photo of the finished piece, when it is done.