25 February 2019

Polymer clay mosaics - trending now

I had quite a surprise today, when reading this post on the Polymer Arts Blog about polymer clay mosaics, to find myself mentioned:


08 February 2019

New Year, New Changes

We are now into February and I have not created any new artwork since before Christmas. We had family visiting from the UK for most of January and at the same time we have been preparing and putting our property up for sale. Although it is frustrating, not being able to get in my studio (which is currently all packed away so it looks like a bedroom again for selling), it is all part of a grand plan. The sale of our property will enable us to buy the house we want to retire to in Whangamata.

Although retirement is quite a number of years away (five if my husband is able to retire at 65), if we are successful in purchasing, we will use it as a holiday home and go down for weekends. This will mean major changes to my current life pattern and probably very little time for creating over the next five years but it is a sacrifice I have to make for the future. Retirement to a lovely little town, with a fantastic beach, community and social scene - and all the time I want to be creative 😊

So you may not see many posts for a while, and I may not have time to create many new pieces, but check the EVENTS tab regularly for any exhibitions/markets that I will be doing this year.