25 November 2016

Puhoi Art Show 2016

Tonight was the opening night of the Puhoi Art Show. It runs from 25 November to 4 December in the Centennial Hall, Puhoi. I have entered three pieces: ‘Green Kiwi’, ‘Lady Aotearoa’ and ‘Watching the sunrise over Rangitoto’.

15 November 2016

Here are the results, so far

Thank you all so much for taking the time to vote. Yesterday I reviewed all the responses over the last week (from my Facebook page, the International Polymer Clay Association page and the New Zealand Mosaic Art page). Here are the combined results:

15% preferred ‘A’
80% preferred ‘B’
5% liked both or did not choose

So the real mosaic made from polymer clay tiles ‘B’ triumphed over the computer generated mosaic ‘A’. It is good to know, as I plan to do more, that it is worth investing my time in creating this type of mosaic artwork. Thank you again for your interest.

08 November 2016

Please vote

It is the same image made up of round mosaic tiles:
A – computer generated mosaic using the Percolator app from Apple
B – actual mosaic created with handmade polymer clay mosaic tiles