18 December 2010

The last Browns Bay Craft Show

Sadly, this is the last time the Browns Bay Craft Show will be held, due to the greatly increased cost of hiring the hall. It also rained heavily for most of the day, which added to the 'despondant air' in the hall. It was sad that the show did not have a 'festive buzz', to finish the year on a high.

A rumour did start going around that the RSA hall across the road could be an alternative venue for next years shows - we will have to see if this happens. This aside, I need to continue looking for other sales venues and in the New Year, when I have made some more stock, I plan to set up a store on Etsy.com. I need to do a lot more research and reading over the Christmas break on selling on the internet.

17 December 2010

Christmas Countdown

I finished my two week contract last Friday so, in theory, had all this week for creating but various appointments and Christmas shopping seem to have reduced this down to about two days.

I have just finished making more HANGAs for the Browns Bay Craft Show tomorrow - this is my last event of this year. Unfortunately I did not enough time to try making some HANGAs with the photo transfer technique. I had taken some photos of Pohutukawa flowers which I thought would have made good 'festive' HANGAs - I will have to try this for next Christmas.

05 December 2010

Coatesville before Christmas

This was my last Coatesville Market before Christmas. I now have a permanent indoor place in the hall, which is great, and using their table gives me plenty of room for display, as it is quite a bit longer than my own one.

As I took all my best HANGA designs to Craftworld, I felt the display I had here was a bit dull. I wonder if I would have sold more if I had had less of the plain coloured ones? I need to make some replacement stock for my last event before Christmas and must concentrate on making more with interesting surface designs.