22 January 2014

EuroSynergy may be a possibilty?

Today I sent off my grant application to Creative new Zealand, for a Quick Response Grant, to attend the International Polymer Clay Association's EuroSynergy Conference in Malta.
This would be such a fantastic opportunity for my development as a polymer clay artist and to be able to bring back as much new knowledge as I can for the benefit of polymer clay artists in New Zealand. There are no attendees from New Zealand booked on the conference so far, and if polymer clay is to advance in this country, someone really needs to be there. So, I shall keep everything crossed but the announcement of the successful grant applicants will not be made until 14 March 2014.

12 January 2014

Entries submitted for IPCA Awards

I have submitted my three entries for the 2014 International Polymer Clay Awards. I look forward to seeing the other entries when they are put up for public voting.

11 January 2014

My latest sculpture...Out of this World!

I had great fun at the end of last year creating this sculpture, which I have finally managed to successfully photograph in the dark.

Out of this World - in daylight

Out of this World - in the dark

This is one of three entries I will be submitting for the International Polymer Clay Awards. Below is a description about the sculpture:

Out of this World – A stainless steel dish forms the base of this sculpture. The inside surface has been covered with a layer if retro cane slices, starting fairly square and geometric at the outer edge and becoming more organic towards the centre. Nodules and and stems develop out of the amorphous mass in the centre, with alien flowers sprouting, with the same centric patterns from the retro canes. The whole sculpture looks totally different in the dark, as glow in the dark polymer clay has been used to highlight selected areas. You may find it fascinating, eerie or just out-of-this-world?

01 January 2014

My first post of 2014

This year I want to continue teaching polymer clay but for my own personal creative work I just want to "do what inspires me", as I spent so much of last year preparing teaching material and samples. In particular I want to:
  1. Focus on one-off artworks/sculptures to sell through galleries, gallery stores and selected shops.
  2. Experiment with lighting, starting with translucent polymer clay covered candle holders and then larger scale electric lighting (this may involve some non-polymer clay materials for larger scale pieces but it something that really inspires me).
  3. Try and win an international polymer clay award, to add credibility to my teaching ability.
  4. Expand locations to teach polymer clay workshops.