Sunday, March 14, 2010

My first attempt at ‘mokume gane’

It is exactly a month since my creative meltdown and I am now happy to say that I am totally hooked on polymer clay. Now I know what medium I want to work with, I just have to learn, refine and perfect my ability with it. At the moment, I am just trying out different techniques, to see which I enjoy the most. There are so many different things you can do with pc, it seems to have so much potential, that at present I can never see myself getting bored with it.

This is my first attempt at ‘mokume gane’. Not brilliant. It looks quite subtle, as I did not use enough contrasting colours in my layers, which I also think I squashed together too thinly. Need to try this again after re-reading the various, differing, instructions I have collected for this technique.


  1. I still can't manage to make mokume gane as interesting as I see other peoples. I think I will have to st down with a tutorial and follow it completely even the colours. Good luck with yours and enjoy your polymer clay play!

  2. This was my first attempt. My second go turned out a bit better, which I sliced up and used it to cover one of the photo frames, in the post on 4 April 2010. I definitely need more practice!