21 February 2014

"Hold on th your Dreams"

"Hold on to your Dreams"
I created this sculpture to use an unwanted display prop (the black hand). The title of this piece reflects how I feel at the moment, waiting to hear if my grant application to attend the EuroSynergy Conference in Malta has been successful. 
The letters were cut from a rainbow Skinner Blend, created using Fuschia, Cadmium Yellow and Turquoise Premo polymer clay. The photos below show how I created the blended sheet.

Triangles of Fushia, Cadmium Yellow and Turquoise polymer clay
After a few passes through the pasta machine the colours start to blend

With further passes the colours blend more 

When I was happy with the blending, I traced and cut out the letters

The baked letters were then pressed onto a black backing sheet of clay


09 February 2014

A burnt offering...

We all have bad days and this was one of them. I spent the whole afternoon making the layers for a piece I was going to call 'Turquoise Shell'. I decided to double up for baking and placed another baking tray of work on top, separated by a layer of fibrefill wadding. I was horrified when I took the trays out of the oven to find this 'burnt offering' underneath. Strangely, it did not really create a burning smell but the colour has totally changed and there is some fascinating bubbly texture on the surface.
I guess I will have to keep this as an example, for teaching what not to do in my workshops, and make the piece all over again.