All my mosaic art has been created with my own hand made polymer clay tiles. Each new piece is added at the top of this page. (Click an image for a larger picture).

New photos of exhibition/competition pieces to be added once they have been judged.

What's on my mind - Whangamata
Approx. 15cm (6 inches) diametre

Auckland - City of Sails
Approx. 15cm (6 inches) diametre

Approx. 17cm (63/4 inches) diametre

Aotearoa - land of the long white cloud
Approx. 20cm (8 inches) diametre

Aroha Nui (with afterglow)
30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches)

Sphere of Happiness
approx. 15cm (6 inches) in diametre

approx. 15cm (6 inches) in diametre

30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches)

A New Approach
70cm x 50cm (28 x 20 inches)

Lady Aotearoa
See this post for larger photos

Flowers in the Round
approx. 40cm diameter (16 inches) including frame

Light Sphere v2 - with white light
approx. 15.5cm diametre

Light Sphere v1 (unlit)
approx. 15.5cm diametre

Watching the sunrise over Rangitoto
102cm x 40cm (40 x 16 inches)

Sherbet Fizz - dot mosaic mirror
approx. 40cm (16 inches) diametre

Blue-green dot mirror
30 x 30cm (12 x 12inches)

Mosaic strip mirror
30 x 30cm (12 x 12 inches)

Green Kiwi
12" x 12" (30 x 30cm)

Yacht Clock
8" x 16" (20 x 40cm)

Mosaic strip mirror frame
16" (40cm) diameter
Coffee Time
8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm)

Crocus mosaic
8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm)

Living in Browns Bay
161/2" x 113/4" (42cm x 30cm)

Our Future
12" x 12" (30.5cm x 30.5cm)
See post July 18, 2011 for more details including the key to the meaning behind each tile

for my workshops showing six quite different ways to create polymer clay mosaics

Pohutukawa mosaics
An exercise on different styles; polymer clay tiles on a 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm) block canvas base

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