31 December 2012

Review of 2012 and plans for 2013

When I looked back at my first post of the year, I realised that I had not set any measurable goals for this year.
In review, I have spent most of the year preparing material for workshops, including samples, and promotion (slide shows). I have run some workshops but the way things have turned out, it has more been for staff training (for Gordon Harris Art Stores) than for artist/crafters. Due to my limited time for promotion, I have decided next year to offer more workshops through established art centres, starting with the Lake House, Takapuna.
I have exhibited and sold work at a couple of exhibitions and won the ‘Peoples Choice’ award at the Lake House for ‘Spring Trio’, my first major sculptural work in polymer clay. However, I have really missed the lack of interface with the public, from not doing any regular markets/events. Unfortunately there was no Labour Day Art and Craft Market at Mission Bay this year (due to an international triathlon), so I only had a couple of low key markets booked at the last minute for Christmas. Due to unforeseen/uncontrollable circumstances (including a tornado), they did not generate the volume of visitors I was hoping for, to gauge reaction to the fashion clips I have started to make and market under the name CLIPT. I will have to be patient and wait for the Anniversary Art and Craft Market at Mission Bay in January.
My main plans for 2013 are to:

1.    Re-establish a monthly market spot – maybe the Devonport Craft Market or back to Coatesville Market.

2.    Exhibit at the Dunkleys Craft Show (North Shore) in October 2013.

3.    Promote polymer clay through slide shows and demonstrations to encourage people to sign up for my workshops.

4.    Expand my range of workshops to include some half day technique focussed sessions e.g. extruding with polymer clay and making canes.

5.    Complete my “50 clips for 50 years” project to promote CLIPT.


09 December 2012

Donation made to the Hobsonville Tornado fund

Hobsonville Point Vintage & Craft Market - 9 December 2012

This was my last planned event for the year, which I thought was going to be cancelled due to the tornado that devastated the area earlier in the week. However, the organisers decided to still go ahead with the market.  I had decided to donate $1 from every sale to the fund that had been set up for the families of those that were killed by the tornado. Unfortunately, the market was not very busy (I think many people will have just stayed away from the area) but I still made my donation.

07 December 2012

Tattoo transfers

This is my first trial with tattoo transfers on polymer clay. After following the instructions for applying the tattoo transfer to the skin but instead applying it to some rolled out Premo polymer clay, I cut out the disc shapes and baked them for the required temperature. I then applied liquid polymer clay over the transfer part and baked again for 20 minutes, followed by a layer of liquid polymer clay over the whole surface and another baking for 20 minutes.
The surface of the transfer has cracked/wrinkled slightly in places but I think that is because I baked the discs on a curve (to make into fashion clips). I will have to try it again, just baking the clay flat.
As Christmas is approaching fast, this is likely to be my last chance to experiment this year.