22 February 2013

I have been working

'Golden Wave' - in progress
It has been a while since I have posted what I have been working on. This because it has mostly been preparing samples and material for my workshops but here is a sculptural piece I have started. It will be called 'Golden Wave'. I will post a photo when it is finished but I cannot say when that will be yet.

19 February 2013

My first stained glass cane

This was my first attempt at a stained glass cane using Pardo polymer clay. I think I mixed too much solid colour with the translucent, as apart from the yellow, the other colours are not as translucent as I was expecting. I will have to experiment more with the proportions of solid colour to translucent if I have another go. 

07 February 2013

Auckland Polymer Clay Guild?

(c) Lara Melnik
If you already use polymer clay, are thinking about it, or just want to know more - meet up with other like-minded people once a month.
I am thinking of seting up an Auckland Polymer Clay Guild, if there is enough interest. If you would like to be part of this, leave a comment or contact me. We can form the basis of the group at a first meeting and take it from there.

03 February 2013

CLIPT at Devonport 03.02.2013

Here is my display of fashion clips at the Devonport Craft Market. Again, as at Mission Bay last weekend, I received a lot of positive feedback, especially about my sketch illustrations. My intention was to replace them with actual photos but now I am not so sure, as the general opinion is that they are neutral, clear and easy to understand.