21 January 2020

Starting my first dot painting picture

Inspired by my first experiments with dot painting, I rushed out and bought a small canvas to try dot painting my first picture. I sketched out a quick design of Frangipani flowers, based on images from Google. Background all painted black, ready to start.

In my eagerness to get started I accidentally picked up a chinagraph pencil, instead of a chalk pencil, to draw out the design. The chinagraph lines just would not come off, everything I tried just started taking the black paint off the canvas. So, I decided to block paint the background in different colours (hoping this might look more like the style of  Brandon Rollins).

Now I just need to pluck up the courage to paint the dots.

09 January 2020

What's on my mind - Whangamata

Here is my dot mosaic sculpture created for the Harcourts Arts Challenge 2020, which has the theme 'What's on my mind'. On display at The Big Arts Day Out Exhibition on 9, 10 & 11 January 2020 at the Memorial Hall, Whangamata, NZ.

Various views of 'What's on my mind - Whangamata'

Imprinted in the round mosaic tiles that make up the sculpture were the thoughts that went through my mind, as I came up with the design. You will find the following:
  • Whangamata
  • Protecting our slice of paradise
  • For future generations
  • Keeping the air clean
  • The forests full of birds
  • Protecting our wildlife
  • Supporting local business
  • Land free of litter
  • Pollution free waterways
  • Beaches clean
  • Recreation in harmony with nature
  • Fish stocks sustained
  • A precious place to be conserved for all to enjoy

01 January 2020

My first attempts at Dot Painting

2020 is to be my year for mastering dot painting. However, I could not wait to give it a try so, when I had a little time between Christmas and New Year I gave it a go. To overcome my fear of getting started, I decided to do some 'experimental trials'.

Here are my very first attempts at dot painting. Using just white, I tried using a paint brush and the dotting tools I had bought previously.

Painting the dots with a paintbrush was a complete disaster, as I had feared. Maybe it was because it was a relatively cheap brush? I had no control over the size of the dots and they definitely did not look perfectly round. Then I smudged it. Never again, I hated painting dots with a paint brush

Using the dotting tools was so different. They really suited me and I was quite pleased with my first attempt. When I did the dots, they looked nicely rounded and raised, however, now they have dried they are flat. I believe this is because I added water to get the paint to the right consistency (it might also have been too runny). From what I have read, I think I should be using Liquitex Pouring Medium, not water.

I had some small discs, which I painted black, just to practice dotting on. Not brilliant. When I get the pouring medium, I may try again on the other side for comparison.

The Liquitex Pouring Medium I had ordered arrived in the morning of New Years Eve so, by the afternoon, I was mixing it with colours and practicing placing dots with my dotting tools. I was surprised how quickly I managed to complete this mirror frame, without smudging any of the dots. There is a lot to improve on but I enjoyed creating this.

I definitely need more practice at placing the dots, both closer together and selecting the right size so the rows are staggered, which I think looks better. I also need to be more methodical when mixing the grades of colour to get a nice even transition. At least I know what I need to practice. 

Looking forward to whatever I do next 😊