14 June 2022

Two new pieces: Dream Lamp and Contemplation #2

Here are the latest two pieces I have been working on

Dream Lamp - shown in different lighting situations
15cm (6 inches) diameter

Contemplation #2
20cm (8 inches) diameter
extruded polymer

12 June 2022

Polymer clay UV light fastness trial - after 6 months

I started this trial on 12 December 2021. Six months on, I looked at the tiles after cleaning off all the sticky residue from the black masking tape. There was slight yellowing of the exposed area on the white and purple tiles but this is not easy to see in the photo. The neutral tiles showed no noticable change to the colours but the varnish has attracted a lot of dust/dirt, so I would definitely not use varnish on items intended for outdooors.

Trial after 6 months