31 January 2010

A Review of January 2010

Unfortunately, I have nothing creative to report on for this month. We started packing at the beginning of the month and moved from St Heliers to Browns Bay on 23rd January. I have had plenty of time to think, as all my art and craft materials have been packed away, but as yet have not been able to try anything out, as it is still in boxes waiting to be unpacked.

Due to our current lifestyle, I am planning to return to Paper Mosaics and develop this technique further. I intend to hand paint coloured papers and seal the cut pieces with resin to give them a raised, tactile and resilient finish. I will continue to make Art-Brooches but will be using the paper mosaic technique –they will almost act as little samples. However, from the experience gained so far, I will sell them individually, with the additional option to purchase a frame to keep the brooch in.

As size is not a restriction with this medium, I can also do paper mosaic wall-art, decorative mirror and photo frames and any other decorative objects that inspire. There is certainly more versatility with paper mosaics and not the continual worry of damage by high temperatures, which is the disadvantage of using the Friendly Plastic material.

26 January 2010

'Rainbow Shimmer' features at Anaheim

Artists from around the world have made butterflies to commemorate the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust for the ‘Butterfly Project’ at the Holocaust Museum Houston. Those butterflies made for the AMACO Friendly Plastic Butterfly Design Challenge were featured at the CHA Show in Anaheim. My butterfly, 'Rainbow Shimmer', is Entry 12.