31 August 2012

Polymer clay training for Gordon Harris

I am thrilled to have been asked by Gordon Harris art stores to train their Auckland staff on using polymer clay. They have recently started to stock Premo Sculpey (the brand that I use), which is great news, and are having a promotion this month @ 20% off. I have had to rearrange my work plans for the next couple of weeks because they want to do the staff training during this promotional month in September.
Unfortunately I will miss the Members Merit Awards opening night and ceremony at the Lake House Arts Centre on 18 September, as the Gordon Harris training is the same evening but it is a great opportunity not to be missed. One of my goals this year was to try and promote polymer clay in New Zealand, and to have the support of a company like Gordon Harris is a great start.

19 August 2012

Successful first exhibition at the Lake House

Today was the close of the Great Art Sale at the Lake House Arts Centre, Takapuna. It was my first exhibition at the Lake House since becoming a member in April of this year. I sold two of the three works I had on exhibit, so am really pleased.

07 August 2012

Moving on the 18th

I am having to wind down my creative production for a few weeks as we prepare to move apartments. We will get the keys on Saturday 18 August and will be moving in over that weekend ... in the meantime it is boxes, packing and cleaning!