Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two different methods for creating the same brooch design

For comparison purposes, I decided to try creating my original design for Art-Brooch CF002 with polymer clay. I ended up trying two different methods, as the first one (replicating the way I had made the original brooch with Friendly Plastic) was disappointing.

The one on the left has been made by cutting out the triangular shapes and baking in layers - it has a final coat of Envirotex Lite, to help glue it together, as it feels quite flimsy with the pc being quite flexible. I was disappointed with the finished piece – it looks quite harshly angular and chunky, but I cannot make the pieces any thinner using this method or it will have no durable strength. (I could have sanded all the cut edges, to make them more rounded, but this would be very fiddly and time-consuming. I have since learnt that running my finger around the top surface of the edges, before baking the pieces, makes them smoother).

The right-hand brooch has been made in more of a ‘mosaic-style’, with each individual triangular piece being set into a solid black base layer of pc – the surface of each mosaic piece has been coated with MagicGlos. This method, although more time-consuming, shows much more promise – it has resulted in a much stronger piece with an irresistibly tactile surface.

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