22 July 2021

The next Arts Collective event is the Mid Winter Mingle

I will be exhibiting two pieces at this event, held at the Whangamata Club, 404 Port Road, Whangamata. They are not my usual polymer clay mosaics but large sand paintings on canvas. One is titled 'Daybreak in Paradise' and the other, 'Moonlight Glow', incorporates photoluminescent powders so it will glow in the dark.


01 July 2021

A new chapter in my life

The 30 June 2021 was a momentous day for me - my last day of guaranteed financial income. After working part-time for the last ten years, as an accounts assistant for an engineering company, I have finally taken the plunge and terminated my contract. So, today is the first day of my new life as a full-time artist/creative. While a little daunting, I am really excited to start following my true vocation.