02 March 2016

My entries for the 2015 International Polymer Clay Awards

Now that all judging of this competition has finished, I can reveal my three entries. The theme for this years competition was 'In the Round'. (I have given a description of each piece after the photos).

Entry 1 - Flowers in the Round

Dot mosaic picture

Close up

Entry 2 - Light Sphere 

Dot mosaic candle bowl - unlit

Shots showing six different colours

Entry 3 - Sherbet Fizz

Dot mosaic mirror frame

Close up

Description - Flowers in the Round

Continuing with my recent interest in creating polymer mosaics with round tiles, for this picture I have also chosen to work to a round frame, to fit with the ‘in the round’ theme. The mosaic is approximately 10.5 inches (27 cm) in diameter, set in the frame which measures 16 inches (41 cm) in diameter overall.

All my mosaic tiles are hand made from polymer, cut with round Kemper cutters from colour blended sheets of polymer (Premo) about 1/12 inch (2 mm) thick. The baked tiles are glued to the MDF base with Weldbond glue and then grouted with a dark grey tile grout. I chose pink for the flowers, as this is the traditional colour associated with love. Maybe someone will buy this picture to give to a loved one, as the flowers will last forever, unlike a bunch of cut flowers.

Description - Light Sphere 

Not only is this candle bowl spherical (as it uses a glass bowl as the form), it is made from round cane slices, in keeping with the ‘in the round’ theme. It measures just over 6 inches (15cm) in diameter and contains a colour changing LED (battery) candle.

A number of canes, of various sizes, were made by rolling up long sheets of Skinner Blend. I used translucent (Pardo) in the centre of the cane grading to a 50:50 mix of pearl and white (Premo) at the outer edge. The whole surface of the glass bowl has been covered with cane slices, approximately 1/12 inch (2mm) thich, which have been placed to touch each other as much as possible, and then baked. When switched on, the gentle colour-changing LED candle creates lovely mood lighting as well as enhancing the white/neutral colour of the candle bowl.

Description - Sherbet Fizz

This round mirror frame has been decorated with round mosaic tiles, made from polymer in shades of pink, yellow and turquoise. After baking the tiles, I stuck them to the frame and used white tile grout to fill the spaces. The tiles are about 3/8 inch (1cm) diameter and the whole piece measures 16 inches (41cm) in diameter.

Although I laid the tiles on the frame in horizontal rows, the repeated pattern of the graded colours creates an optical effect (from a distance) almost like waves. The small coloured tiles remind me of ‘Refreshers’, a sherbet candy that I remember from my childhood in England. This, along with the optical wave effect similar to the wave of sensation you get when eating sherbet, is why I gave it the name ‘Sherbet Fizz’.

01 March 2016

The March issue of the local Millwater Magazine (for the area where I now live) has just been issued. Each month it has a feature interview with a local resident – and this month it is me J