23 September 2016

My entry has been submitted

Photo coming soon of 'A New Approach' 

My entry has been submitted, for the 2016 Hibiscus and Bays Art Awards, by photograph. Hopefully it will be selected for the exhibition. I will wait until the exhibition has opened before posting the finished photo. It will run from 28 October to 11 December 2016 at the Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa, north of Auckland.

17 September 2016

The final tile is in place

Today I stuck the final tile down on my latest mosaic artwork, titled ‘A New Approach’. Just got to grout it now and then it will be ready to photograph and submit for the Hibiscus and Bays Art Awards 2016. 

12 September 2016

My tile in the FIMO 50 World Project

Photos have been released of the THE FIMO 50 WORLD PROJECT. The yellow circle shows the tile I contributed. 

This was a collaborative art project, open to polymer artists from around the world, in celebration of FIMO polymer clay being 50 years old. You had to make a 10cm x 10cm (4” x 4”) polymer tile. The submissions were to be displayed on a large framework representing a globe but as you can see, the number of tiles received was way more than the globe could hold. The original idea was that the individual tiles would be auctioned off and the proceeds go to two charity organisations, Samunnat (Nepal) and the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies (USA). However, Staedtler (the manufacturers of FIMO) have decided to keep the globe together in one piece as a collaborative artwork, and instead will present a generous donation to the two charities. This means the globe can remain a global art piece and will continue in existence as a symbol of unity that links the Polymer Clay Community throughout the world.

11 September 2016

Work in Progress - September 2016

I have 3 weeks left until the submission deadline of 3 October 2016, for the Hibiscus & Bays Art Awards. Not only do I have to finish making and sticking all the tiles in place, it then needs to be grouted and photographed, as initial selection for the competition is by photograph. Will I get this finished in time? Yes, I have to!

02 September 2016

Great Art Sale at the Lake House Arts Centre

I went over to the Lake House Arts Centre to take a photograph of my two pieces in the Great Art Sale, which has just opened. To my delight, I found my glow in the dark ‘Out-of-this-World’ sculpture had just been sold, so the photo only shows my other sculptural entry, ‘Lady Aotearoa’.