Friday, April 30, 2010

A Review of April 2010

This month, I have continued with experimenting and trying out different techniques. Late on, I finally made a start on making my first proper Art-Brooch designs from polymer clay. The problem I am finding is that I get side-tracked, spending more time making things with the off-cuts, as I do not want to see them go to waste. I must stop doing this, just save them to use another time, and concentrate on completing the design I set out to make.

The other day, I ordered a very small rubber stamp for imprinting my initials, when I finish the backs of my brooches. It just has CF with ‘original’ underneath the initials, all contained in square border with rounded corners. I was limited by the font and proportions of the stamps available for a simple ‘design on-line’ but it will do for the moment, to try the idea.

I have been trying to decide for a while whether to sign the brooch backs with my signature or whether to have a stamp made with my insignia. Before going to great cost and designing artwork for an insignia, I thought I would try this out and at least it will enable me to actually complete the few brooch designs I have started so far.

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