Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Idea for a future exhibition

Having now read Ellen Marshall’s book from cover to cover, I am fired up with enthusiasm. In fact, it has inspired an idea, for a future exhibition. I will make several Art-Brooches, as I try out each technique, and keep the best one as an example of that technique. It may take me several years but I shall then be able to create an interesting and informative exhibition, titled something like: 101 Polymer Clay Brooches – different surface and decorative techniques.

I believe this exhibition will be of interest to polymer clay artists/hobbyists, from a technical pint of view, showing physical examples of the many different techniques that can be used with this medium. I also think that brooch collectors and anyone interested in art, craft and design will find this exhibition of interest, as each brooch will be a unique ‘mini artwork’, as well as a piece of jewellery to wear.

I maybe getting a bit carried away here, but if each brooch is mounted on a small canvas and has an accompanying label with a technical description (that will be 101 in all), it will quite be easy to package up for a ‘touring exhibition - not only around New Zealand but America, the UK, in fact worldwide - the sky’s the limit! Let me get back down to earth for a minute …… but it is good to have a plan, an ambition in mind, so that something productive and useful can result from the practical exercise of learning new techniques.

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