Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Review of May 2010

This month I have tried to concentrate on making my first Art-Brooches from polymer clay. Apart from the last, heart-shaped one, they are all circular. I am so pleased to have finally found some good circle cutters that keep their shape, I seem to be going circle crazy. The cutters are made from plastic and have been well-designed, so they do not distort, which is the problem I have found with all the circular metal cutters I have tried. They came from a kitchen clearance shop, so unfortunately are no longer made – I will have to treasure them with my life!

I really need to work on the finishing the canvases for the brooches I have made so far. Once I have done these, I will re-photograph the brooches, on the canvases, and add the complete Art-Brooch photos to the GALLERY.

After much research and deliberation, I have decided to use the 3/4" deep canvases, which look much more in proportion with my brooches - I always felt the deeper 1.5" block canvases, that I originally used, looked too 'chunky'. Here in New Zealand, I cannot get these slimmer canvases (in the brand I want to use, which has the canvas neatly finished on the back) in the small rectangular dimensions I would like. So, to overcome this, I will just use 6"x6" canvases and paint coloured bands down each side where I need the central piece to be more rectangular, for elongated brooch shapes. As all the canvases will be a consistent size, it will make displaying much easier. I intend to re-mount Art-Brooches CF032 - CF035, on the slimmer canvases and think they will look much better (will post some photos when they are finished).

Rather than jumping from one technique to another (which what I seem to be doing at the moment, as I want to try everything now), I think I should work my way gradually through each technique, perfecting my ability to a reasonable standard before moving on. I will make several brooches, using a specific technique, and keep the best one as an example for my proposed future exhibition (see post Wednesday May 26, 2010).

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