Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finishing brooches

Spent today finishing off the brooches shown in the May 25th post, as I intend to wear one of them on the opening night of the “Anything Goes” exhibition, tomorrow. I could not wait for the rubber stamp of my initials to come, to imprint the clay backs before baking, so I will have to print it on the surface of these ones at a later date. It was quite tedious but I spent a good part of the afternoon sanding, working my way through the different grades of wet ’n’ dry sandpaper, to get a good finish.

I have also finished another brooch that I have been working on for sometime. It started as a circular piece of interesting blue marbled clay, to which I have added some white triangles to represent yacht sails and then set it in a raised darker blue rim. It will be called “Ocean Blue”. I have just put resin over the centre part, so I cannot photograph it until it has set but I will post a photo in a few days time. I am really pleased with how this one has turned out, in fact, dare I say it, it looks quite perfect.

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