Wednesday, May 26, 2010

‘In progress’ photos

Last night I took these ‘in progress’ photos, just using my OTT (daylight) lamp, as I think I may struggle to complete them in time to photograph this coming weekend.

In progress

They still need a bit more fine sanding and each one will have resin added to certain parts to provide a glossy contrast to the matt clay surface. I am not sure whether to use MagicGlos (UV curing) or the two part mixing resin that I have. The MagicGlos gives a good domed effect but if I use this I will be relying on natural sunlight to cure it. This week we have had really wet ‘stormy’ weather here in New Zealand, as we are heading into Winter, so if I do decide to use the MagicGlos, the brooches may not be finished this weekend.

Post Note: I can see that I have returned to the comfort of some of my favourite colours, with these three brooches, after doing the 'orange-gold' one - I am really not an orange person!

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