Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trial sarong buckles

Since my idea last month for making some beachwear accessories, here are my first sarong buckles – they are prototypes because I am still experimenting with the overall size and the hole size.

I also decided to make a ‘Kiwi’ one, as I recently purchased a kiwi cutter and it seemed about the right size. This shows the double sided (patterned/plain) idea.

Then I thought it might be better curved and that they needed to be a bit bigger. Obviously if I make them curved they can not be double sided.

The curve on my glass teapot is too much for the larger size (I may have to find a different form) but the single thickness of the curved buckle was too light and did not feel right when I actually tried it with my sarong. So I think I will stick to flat double sided but larger sarong buckles.


  1. Why can't a curved one be double sided? a lot of my newer pendants are curved (I use an old light bulb with a polymer clay base to make it stand up). I bake the front on the bulb and then line the inside of the cured dome, using a little liquid polymer clay to make sure the 2 pieces join together well and rebake, I just bake them in a tray of baking soda without any other support. Love the way you are always looking for new things to make. Cara

  2. Hi Cara Jane - when I say double-sided, I mean it can be worn on either side - the flat ones I've made are patterned on one side and plain on the other. Making it curved means the reverse side would be concave and I don't think it would look right.

    I'm always looking for new ideas and the sarong buckles and other beachwear accessories I have in mind are things that I thought I could sell by our local beach (if I can get a licence to do this). This would combine my love of creating/selling my handiwork and being on the beach at the weekends.