Friday, September 2, 2011

Experimenting with Pearl-Ex powders and lpc

I love the effect of Pearl-Ex powders on polymer clay but am concerned about it wearing off and it just does not look the same if you seal it with Sculpey glaze or a layer of liquid polymer clay (lpc). I have heard that Perfect Pearls actually bond with the clay and so they do not need a protective sealing layer – but unfortunately I have not found them for sale in New Zealand. For the first time, I have tried mixing Pearl-Ex powders into liquid polymer clay. I used it on the silver clay pendant (see previous post) but mixed far too much so, to save wasting it, I rolled out some pale scraps of polymer clay and pressed it onto the lpc containing Pearl-Ex (which was blobbed on a glass chopping board). When I pulled the clay off the surface, the coloured lpc left interesting patterns on the clay. I sprinkled on a little more powder and swirled it around with a cocktail stick. The baked samples are shown below.

I will definitely explore this idea further. The iridescent/pearlescent effect of the powders are captured in the lpc when it sets – it reminds me of the pearlescent glass paint sold by Rainbow Glass, which gave a great effect and I used it a lot when I used to do glass painting.

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