Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baking curved shapes

I have had this left over piece of blue/purple marbled polymer clay for ages. I liked the pattern but was not sure what to make with it. I decided that I should use it, so I cut out a circle from it and baked it on a glass teapot (removed from the cheap plastic handle/body casing). It has made a perfect convex disc – I still do not know what to do with it but the dimension makes it look so much more interesting than when it is just flat.

I made some more curved discs, in pairs, to try putting them together to make hanging decorations. This is a precursor to perhaps making some Christmas baubles/decorations. Here they are applied to the glass tea pot (luckily it just fits in my little craft oven).

I joined the two baked halves together with liquid polymer clay and rested them on some fibrefill.

This was a scary experiment! I have heard of polyfill being used (in America) for supporting 3D shapes but I am not sure what it is. I was hoping that it is the same as this fibrefill that I bought (very cheap) to try. I guess it must be because it all worked fine – it did not melt at the clay baking temperature. What I was not expecting was for the fibrefill to fuse slightly in the supporting shape (I was expecting it to spring back to its original shape) but this could be useful if I bake the same shapes regularly.

And here are the finished items, complete with hanging ribbon/thread.

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