Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nearly finished

All the pieces have been stuck in place and had an intitial sanding - just waiting to be grouted

All the pieces have now been cut and stuck to the board. I need to decide how I am going to sign this artwork - with initials or a signature? Really looking forward to seeing it when it has been grouted, as this should really pull it all together. I will do the finer grades of sanding, after it has been grouted, to help remove any residue from the grout that has not wiped off.


  1. Amazing work on the shading and colors. you should be very proud, it looks incredible ! Personally I would go with the signature, small and off to the bottom side or if you can up the side border... I have some unframed canvas' and that is how the artist sign theirs.

    Again, beautiful !

  2. Thank you. I already made the decision to go with a small inset tile with my initials, before I received your comment.