Monday, June 20, 2011

First polymer clay mosaic artwork completed

Living in Browns Bay
161/2" x 113/4" (42cm x 30cm)

Here is the first of the two artworks I am creating for an exhibition at the end of July. This style of mosaic uses free-form shapes, carefully cut from different coloured sheets of baked polymer clay, to fit the design - similar to cutting the glass shapes for stained glass (lead light) work. I have done much of this before in the past with glass but this is the first time I have tried it with polymer clay, on a larger scale.

I am really pleased with the finished piece but it was a 'labour of love', cutting all the pieces to fit. This photo does not show the pearl effect in some of the colours - I will have to try photographing it again, when it is not raining, to get better lighting on it.

Now I am starting work on designing my second piece for this exhibition, which will be in a totally different style.


  1. It's lovely! So how did you sign it? Is it a stamp?

  2. Thanks, Cara Jane. I had a rubber stamp made a while ago which included my intials. I impressed it into some rolled polymer clay and made a tiny tile, just cutting out the bit with my initials. I added some Pearl-Ex powder and then when baked, set it into the corner of the picture.

  3. I am so impressed with this beautiful work of art! It must have taken quite a while to achieve this awesome creation. Love it!

  4. Yes, Sandy, it took ages - much longer than I had thought, which when working to a deadline for an exhibition is a bit stressful. So, I may never do another one like it but I am pleased with the finished piece.

  5. Its wonderful! Reminds me of intarsia pieces I've seen. Ambitious!

  6. Thank you Trina, ZudaGay and Pam M for your comments. It is always encouraging to receive such positive comments.