Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just for a bit of fun...and using Du-Kit polymer clay


To humour my husband, Colin, I agreed to his suggestion to make some 'Round Tuits' from polymer clay. Some are stuck into a frame and some are just stuck on a card with the following explanation on the back:
round tuit (plural round tuits)
1. (humorous) A circular object giving its owner the ability to get done everything that would have otherwise been put off to a later date
Source: Wiktionary

Guard this Tuit with your life as they are very hard to come by, especially the round ones. This is an indispensible item as it will help you to become a more efficient worker. For years we have heard people say: “I’ll do it as soon as I get a round tuit.” Now that you have one, you can accomplish all those things you put aside until you got a ROUND TUIT.
I decided to use my left over scraps of polymer clay for making these novelty items but I wanted to make some in white. To conserve my treasured Premo polymer clay, I bought a packet of Du-Kit, the New Zealand made brand. I was not impressed - it kept sticking to the rollers of the pasta machine (which took me ages clean before I could use it again) and I did not like the fact that after baking, it had a glossy finish. Although this might be useful in some instances, I could see me having to sand it off most of the time, as I really like the matt finish that Premo gives. It would have been nice to use NZ polymer clay but it really does not measure up to Premo  Sculpey.

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