Sunday, February 20, 2011

Experimenting with Kato Polyclay

After some unsuccessful experiments with Kato Polyclay, I ended
up turning it all into mosaic tiles

This weekend I finally got to try using the little sample packs of Kato Polyclay I ordered a while ago. I knew that it was the old, hard to condition formula - and it certainly was! After everything I have read about Kato being the best polymer clay for professionals to use, I was seriously thinking about switching to it. I am so glad I got these trials packs first, because even if the latest formula is easier to condition, I just could not work with it due to the smell. I have a very acute sense of smell and just did not like the very 'plasticy' smell it had, which got even stronger when it was baking. I really found it unpleasant and could not wait to stop working with it. It looks like I am sticking with Premo Sculpey.

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