Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Review of June 2010

I have spent a lot of this month trying to finish off things I have started, including making up brooches from my experimental pieces, and seeking outlets to sell off my older Art-Brooches, made from Friendly Plastic. This will clear the way for starting some new designs next month.

I am also working on a new display set-up for my table, for when I start to sell my Art-Brooches, made from polymer clay. In a month or so, when I have completed this new look display, I will post a photograph of it.

In addition to selling my Art-Brooches on canvases, I also want to have some lower cost brooches (un-mounted). I will call these ‘sample brooches’ - they will be made in pre-designed shapes, using surplus pieces of treated clay, showing samples of different surface effects and textures.

I am pleased that everything seems to be coming together slowly. At least I know what I am aiming for now, I just need to get on with creating it.

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