Monday, June 7, 2010

Photos of new brooches on canvases

Luckily today, in between the rain showers, there have been some bright spells, so I have managed to photograph my new brooches on their canvases.

Swirl 1

Swirl 2

Ocean Blue


Concentric Circles (Purple)

Pink Circle

Whispering Heart

I have also re-mounted four of my earlier Art-Brooches, made from Friendly Plastic, on these new style canvases. The left hand picture shows the original mounting on the chunky block canvas and the right hand picture is the new mounting on the slimmer, square canvas.

CF032 Midnight Landscape

CF033 Desert Landscape

CF034 Seascape with Yacht

CF035 Seascape with Yachts


  1. Love the swirls brooch in shades of blue!

  2. Beautiful work! I particularly love the red and gold ones!