Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Frangipani - my first (and last) dot painting

It became quite clear during January that my proposed creative plan for 2020 was going to change. It took a lot of motivation for me to complete my first (and last) dot painting. It really did not give give me the same creative satisfaction as doing my polymer clay mosaic art. It might have been quicker but was messy (I kept smudging the paint) and I did not have enough control to place the dots as close together as I would have liked.

Acrylic dot painting measuring 30cm x 25cm (12" x 10")

When I look at this finished dot painting, I can imagine how much better it would look if I had done it as a polymer dot mosaic. In fact all the time I was painting the dots, I was re-thinking how I could do my dot mosaics with polymer clay, and have thought of a slightly different method that might be quicker. I have decided to try it out, using the the same picture design, as an exercise. It will ease me back into creating polymer dot mosaics, which I have so missed doing, and when done should show that I am much better suited to the mosaics than dot painting.

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