Sunday, April 27, 2014

Setting off for EuroSynergy 2014

I am finally packed and ready to set off to the airport to start my long journey to Malta. I leave Auckland for San Francisco, with a 7 hour layover there, then to Zurich and then to Malta. (My return journey goes via Frankfurt and Singapore to Auckland). So when I return, I will have travelled all the way round the world.
This is the card my husband gave me, which I found really touching, as he is long-suffering with my 'obsession' with polymer clay.
I am so excited about the whole event and really proud to be representing New Zealand at the EuroSynergy Conference. I am also extremely grateful to CreativeNZ for making this dream a reality.

Below are the Silver Fern lapel pins I have made, to give to people I make contact with at the conference, as a small gesture of friendship from New Zealand. (Unfortunately the metal stamp I was using broke, so I could not make as many as I had planned).

Silver Fern Lapel Pins

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