Friday, April 25, 2014

Creating an artwork for EuroSynergy 2014

This artwork has ben created to take to the EuroSynergy Conference, as an item to be donated for the auction/tombola.
I wanted to make something representative of New Zealand and it needed to be small and light weight to fit in my hand luggage. I chose the kiwi bird, as it is a New Zealand icon, and designed it in a Maori-style.
This is the explanation I put on the back:

Black and white colouring was chosen, as this emphasizes the simple design, and will also fit with most home décor colour schemes.

The following photos document the creation of this artwork:

Initial sketches. I needed to make sure it was my own design and
 not a direct copy of an existing one.

The initial design has been refined. Of these three options, I have
chosen No. 3

The design has been traced onto a thin sheet of black polymer clay.

Then cut out with a craft knife and baked.

And here are the feet. I had a couple of attempts at getting these right.

White clay, with a touch of pearl for sparkle, was rolled out for the base.
The baked black shapes were pressed into the surface and then the whole
piece had a final baking.

The white tile has been trimmed to shape and sanded with grades of
'wet and dry' sandpaper from 400 to 1000 and then buffed with a cloth.
It has been mounted in a frame, which can be free-standing or hung on
 the wall.

Close-up of the final piece
(I should have photographed this before I put it in the frame
because I could not avoid the reflections on the glass )

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