Monday, May 23, 2011

Exhibition opportunity means rescheduling priorities

The NZ Art Guild's Annual Members Exhibition is at the end of July, at the Mairangi Arts Centre - the theme of the exhibition is "Our Future". This is a fantastic opportunity to show case my polymer clay mosaic work, at the venue where I am hoping (in the future) to be able to teach some polymer clay workshops.

However, I will have to create some new mosaic artworks, as so far I have only done the six trial pieces experimenting with different mosaic styles. My problem is the limited amount of time. I have applied to have half a panel (rather than a whole one) and intend to do two artworks, in quite different styles for variety. I am going to have to work every spare minute I have to be able to complete these two pieces in time. (It is always better to submit pieces for an exhibition that you have already done - but it never seems to be that way with me!).

In order to make as much creative time available as I can, to meet the exhibition deadline, I will need to re-prioritise my work plan for the next two months. This basically means delaying the opening of my Etsy shop, which I am rescheduling to be sometime in August. The goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, to achieve during 2011, included setting up an online shop - but even if this is not done until August, it will still be done this year. 

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